Component & Assembly Verification

Any high-performing manufacturing company requires optimized Component and Assembly Verification solutions that ensure the highest degree of precision and accuracy.

With the right vision solutions, you can rest assured that your company has the latest, most advanced inspection and verification system needed, one that works with your existing production equipment or as an independent, stand-alone system.

Verista’s systems are turnkey, with our engineers handling the entire process, implementing complete solutions for component and assembly verification needs. In the Consumer Goods industry, for example, our Prism products provide case counting and orientation for beverage juice boxes prior to loading, requiring only one camera. Prism can be utilized to verify carton configuration and loading including lens case, solution, and literature. The system also ensures character verification, UDI requirements, along with bar code verification. Finally, for a Pharmaceutical manufacturer producing vials, syringes, and ampoules, Verista’s Prism system utilizes 7 cameras for complete quality inspection and reconciliation. This system confirms product presence, crimp seal verification, damaged crimp 360 degrees, unsealed crimp, stopper presence, and flip seal verification. As you can see, Verista’s component and assembly verification solutions are comprehensive and can be easily tailored to your company’s needs, regardless of your specific industry.

Our Component and Assembly Verification solutions are divided into three general subcategories:

  • Measurement and Spec Verification: Complete measurement of product components vs manufacturing specifications for nearly any manufactured component or assembly.
  • CAPQ (TM) Cap, Integrity and Fill Level Inspection System: Product cap, integrity, and fill inspection for products where fill, closure, and seal are critical to quality. Inspections include tamper band verification, missing, damaged, or raised closures, and product fill level verification.
  • Product/Package Components and Assembly: Product and component assembly and packaging verification. From verification of product assemblies to verification of packaging components; our solutions ensure every product ships as expected.

By quickly and accurately identifying defects, your company can avoid the risk of costly recalls, loss of product, or even irreparable damage to your company’s reputation for excellence. Your system should be reliable, accurate, and fast. Verista’s expert engineers offer comprehensive solutions and will work to ensure that the unique needs of your manufacturing company are met.

Designed to allow for 100% inspection and accuracy, Verista’s cost-effective solutions eliminate the possibility of substandard products, along with all the potential consequences that might ensue. Allow us to give you peace of mind.

If you need a component and assembly verification vision system that ensures absolute confidence, please contact us here or call 317.849.0330 today.