Measurement & Specification Verifications

Measuring the actual dimensions and fitment of your manufactured products – especially when these are food, beverage, or pharmaceutical products – is essential in modern manufacturing. Out of tolerance components can wreak havoc on automated equipment, increasing downtime, lowering efficiency and even damaging valuable equipment.

Verista helps solve a wide variety of product/container measurement and specification issues. It’s crucial, not just to make sure that the weight/number of products is included in the box, but often to also assure that your components will later fit (and not get damaged), and ultimately to maintain trust with your customers that they are getting products which meet all specifications 100%. For example, Verista inspects thousands of plastic containers and closures to verify each component is within specifications and free of debris prior to filling that clean, unadulterated drug or food product that will be consumed by a valuable customer.

Additionally, there are often quality agreements and/or legal ramifications of products supplied out of specifications. Therefore, verifying your parameters helps avoid recalls, can avoid product or machine damage), can keep products safe from contamination, and keeps your customers happier – and safer.

If you aren’t measuring and verifying your product’s specifications, we’ll make it easy for you to get started. please contact us here or call 317.849.0330 today.