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Assay Data Management and Why It Matters

Data is a drug company’s most valuable resource. It’s been said that we work in a data company that happens…

Mar 31, 2022

Examining the Value and Future of Drug Repurposing in Life Sciences

In the Life Sciences industry, many drugs on the market today have been approved for indications for which they were…

Mar 31, 2022

Getting the Most Value From Your Vendor Relationships

Life Sciences companies often turn to vendors to help their teams implement initiatives around strategy, technology, and processes. The stakes…

Mar 31, 2022

Having Your IT Project Audited

I recently had the experience of being audited. The very large and complex IT project I was leading had been…

Mar 31, 2022

4 Ways to Ensure Compliance in the Life Sciences

The EU General Data Protection Requirement (GDPR) has many companies scrambling to understand just how to meet compliance. In most industries,…

Mar 31, 2022

BioPharma Startups – Top 10 Considerations for the Early Stages of the Development Journey

The clinical development of biopharmaceuticals is an increasingly competitive and complex space. Organizations with limited prior experience with the drug…

Mar 31, 2022

Creating Organizational Resiliency Through a Dynamic, ROI-based Information Management Strategy – Part 3

In this installment we will discuss processes and policies for an information management strategy.   We will focus on Data Governance…

Mar 31, 2022