CAPQ™ System: The Only Deep Learning/AI Vision Inspection System for Bottled Beverages

AI-Powered 360-Degree Inspection Helps Improve Bottling Efficiency

The CAPQTM System from Verista is the only vision inspection system to leverage deep learning/AI for beverage bottle cap integrity and fill-level inspection. The CAPQ System uses AI-powered deep learning software to recognize what a “good” capped bottle is supposed to look like and can deliver a dramatic reduction in false-rejects, saving on wasted material expense.

The CAPQ System, using real-time feedback on every bottle, knows what to keep on a line and what to reject. The 360-degree inspection detects cap placement, height and skew, tamper band integrity, fill level on clear and colored content while ignoring plastic shards and nibs and water droplets. The system is ideal for high throughput environments and can inspect more than 1,000 bottles per minute. The stainless-steel unit fits easily over an existing conveyor for quick and easy line integration and offers recipe-driven automatic height adjustment.

The CAPQ™ System’s AI-powered 360-degree inspection helps improve bottling efficiency.

“The CAPQ System uses vision tools that identify upstream issues by capturing more runtime data on production flow, which helps process engineering understand and address production problem areas,” says Jim Evans, Director, Vision, Automation & Connectivity Division at Verista. “The 360-degree inspection ensures every bottle is a ‘good’ bottle by seeing things that can’t be seen by the human eye, and inspection data and images can be recorded as necessary to assist in production improvements. The CAPQ System reveals trends and early indicators to increase operating efficiency and avoid recalls.”

The turnkey system, with a robust human-machine interface, has a low cost of ownership and reduces or eliminates bottlers’ dependency on bottle dryers. Plus, the system’s AI-based False Reject Suppression Technology lowers costs by reducing scrap and rejection.

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