Business Problem

The IT Quality organization was staffed with a mixture of FTEs and contractors from multiple agencies. The client was suffering costly resource churn because of repeated qualifying candidates, onboarding, transition-in, knowledge transfer, training, time investment etc. There was a great need for continuous improvement of delivery methods. Capacity Management for internal and supplier resources was challenging. And there was a failure to preserve intellectual property due to insufficient knowledge management

Verista Solution

Verista instituted repeatable and predictable onboarding and knowledge transfer processes, and deployed top talent with strong Quality and Compliance skills. Our Quality and Compliance accelerators and knowledge base supported every aspect of compliance and quality solutions. We implemented a Dynamic Capacity Model that scales to meet changing demand with core and flex teams. Portfolio visibility enables effective scale based on business needs, and we provided Senior Management oversight and SME support for the team and client.


Eliminated Client Management Cycles

associated with all aspects of sourcing, qualifying, onboarding, and transition

Reduced Onboarding Time for New Resources

by half due to implementation of highly efficient orientation and knowledge transfer processes

Achievement of Service Levels

including deliverable quality, exception handling, document integrity, document turnaround time