Cloud ERP Maturation

Business Problem

Client’s Oracle Cloud ERP implementation had been completed prior to the Verista engagement. Due to reported implementation issues and high turnover within the IT organization, the client was left with a poorly documented and operationally inefficient platform that was not meeting the needs of the business as it was not easily adaptable.

Verista Solution

Verista assumed operational and strategic responsibility for the platform. We formalized the list of known issues impacting the platform and prioritized them according to impact to the business, quickly resolving the most high value and critical platform concerns. We created an Operational Guide to ensure that any resource that provides support has a centralized source for all required tasks. We facilitated an agreement with Oracle to engage with Advanced Customer Support. Additionally, Verista converted the remote Managed Services Team to one more aligned with the client’s needs and successfully designed procedures, processes and documentation to meet SOX auditor requirements.


Delivered an Effective ERP Solution

Oracle Cloud platform has matured into a well documented and universally adopted ERP solution

Increased Functionality

Recommended and implemented additional Oracle Cloud modules


Many functional gaps where the platform was not supporting the business