Commercial Data Architecture Playbook

Business Problem

The client stored data across multiple sources and the data was constantly changing. The business and IT required a unified view and consistent definition of this data for cross-functional reporting. A need for proactive impact analysis was identified to highlight dependencies when changes occurred to a data model. Another key requirement was the ability to identify sensitive data and ensure it is managed in a secure manner, known as end-to-end data lineage.

Verista Solution

Verista evaluated metadata management and data modeling tools, providing a detailed comparison of the options and vendors. We delivered both a data architecture playbook with standards for defining conceptual, logical, and physical data models, and a fully attributed and annotated logical model for the Commercial Data subject area. The playbook detailed steps to map physical data models to the logical model, ensuring data lineage. We defined a conceptual model for the entire Commercial scope including Master Data, Sales, Marketing, Market Access, Regulatory, and Supply Chain. We mapped the client’s commercial data environment to the logical model.



Conceptual data models for 43 subject areas aligned to the Commercial IT roadmap and a fully annotated logical data model

Established Standards

For defining data models and lineage at all levels


The CDE to the logical data model, providing data lineage and classification for commercial data