PMO Assessment & Recommendations

Business Problem

The client wanted to optimize and mature their PMO. They were having little success in managing the intake process, getting buy-in across the organization and knowing the status of multiple parallel projects. They wanted to maximize the value of their PMO and provide transparency throughout the organization.

Verista Solution

Verista project management professionals conducted a thorough discovery and analysis of the current situation and provided a ranking of the current maturity level based on Core PMO capabilities. After review with the client sponsor, recommendations were offered on how to evolve the PMO from the current maturity level to the optimum level for their organization. Once the optimum level of maturity was decided, a step-by-step road map was prepared to demonstrate how to implement the solution. Verista was then chosen to implement the PMO solution and run their PMO as a service.


Project Management Professionals

  • Ensuring Best Practices 
  • Delivering Maturity Assessment

Thorough analysis and recommendations

  • Delivering Road Maps 
  • Implementation strategies

Honest Evaluations

  • Trustworthy Partner
  • Clear Communications