Commissioning & Qualification

Ensuring Facilities, Utilities, and Equipment Perform as Intended.

Commissioning and qualifying assets for a major capital project in the life sciences industry is a daunting task, especially in today’s environment with increased focus on compliance, increased pressure on time to market, and the business benefit of trouble-free operation.

At Verista, it’s our goal to help our clients ensure their facility, utilities and equipment perform as intended. We do that by performing commissioning and qualification activities using a risk-based approach that minimizes costs and timelines, while satisfying operational and compliance requirements. Where some may just go through the motions and labor related to C&Q activities, our engineers are focused on adding value in each step of the process ensuring an efficient, compliant manufacturing and packaging operation.

Our experienced commissioning and qualification team has the technical skills and experience to make our clients’ projects successful.

We have extensive experience in regulated environments and have the support of seasoned thought leaders to define and implement industry best practices. Our team is able to quickly integrate with our clients’ project team to complete the project within your boundaries and expectations.

Our Commission and Qualification services include:

Validation planning

Requirements definition

Design review process

Factory and site acceptance testing

Equipment receipt and installation verification


Installation and operational qualification

Process and cleaning validation

Production and process qualification