Cybersecurity & Infrastructure

Infrastructure and their related services are the foundation for all business applications.

The control and management of a company’s infrastructure ensures that the of all applications is being maintained consistently and in a controlled manner. Verista’s infrastructure solutions also ensure that and service management are built into all application environments.

Infrastructure Services


Infrastructure experts provide support to develop the policies and procedures necessary for the management of an infrastructure.

Infrastructure Qualification

Infrastructure engineers provide support to develop specific requirements, design and testing to ensure that an environment functions as intended.

Infrastructure Configuration and Change Management

Infrastructure engineers provide the expertise to develop the processes to define configuration items and the management of their changes.

ITIL Support and Service Management

Infrastructure engineers provide guidance on the development of a lifecycle, applications, services and practices that focus on aligning IT services with the needs of a regulated application.

Cybersecurity Services

Design, Install, Upgrade and Maintain Enterprise and Manufacturing environments

Cybersecurity experts can provide design and management solutions to ensure that enterprise and manufacturing environments meet the latest security requirements and industry best practices.

Security Policies, Procedures, Forms and Checklists

Provide support to develop the governance needed to maintain a secure environment.


Cybersecurity experts can provide guidance on the NIST Framework functions to Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover in a secure environment. This includes risk management, data security, monitoring, mitigation and recovery planning.