Data Lake Poc And Implementation

Business Problem

The client was undergoing a period of rapid business growth with a vibrant pipeline of devices and platforms. As the company expanded its product and organizational footprint, they needed to enhance its processes and systems in a manner that was nimble enough to deliver new features and scale to the existing product platforms.  The program was a strategic priority that supported; product innovation and the patient experience, mobile platform, data & analytics, global commercial expansion and delivered market leading security and infrastructure.  This solution enabled new business models, streamlined processes, and improve the company’s products and services by using technology as a competitive differentiator.

Verista Solution

Verista executed the Program Management, Business Analysis, Technical Architecture, and Computer Systems Validation activities associated with this project. We provided oversight and support to the multiple vendors and partners that were a part of the overall solution. A proof of concept was initially executed as a multi-phase program across five major workstreams including Infrastructure, Product Capabilities, Improved Analytics, Connect with Business Partners via API, and Executive Reports and Dashboards. As the technology was proved out, the full development lifecycle was executed to design, develop, validate, and deploy the data lake solution.


Cloud-to-Cloud Partner Integration

through a “fabric’ of services including partner apps and APIs

Data That Is Clean and Kept Clean

by implementing effective Data Governance processes that enabled compliance with internal and regulatory standards

A Fully Validated Solution

delivered by way of validation planning, SDLC document review and authoring, test management, and test execution