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Optimize your manufacturing and packaging lines by implementing engineering and automation solutions that improve quality and reduce operating costs.

Our proven solutions are critical to ensuring product SISPQ—Safety, Identity, Strength, Purity and Quality, and our standardized approach ensures automated equipment meets regulatory and production requirements to efficiently deliver compliant products. Our deep technical expertise, coupled with our relationships with equipment manufacturers and technology partners, enables you to obtain the best equipment selection and integration possible. 

We specialize in manufacturing and packaging equipment, material design, implementation, and validation.

Our highly skilled project managers bring together the disciplines, knowledge, experience, and methodologies to effectively deliver capital projects with a detailed and disciplined approach that ensures budget and schedule requirements are met. 

We develop and implement engineering and automation solutions that drive increased efficiency, cost reduction and quality improvements for our clients. As a trusted partner, our clients depend on us to ensure their assets operate safely and are optimized to achieve maximum throughput.

Manufacturing & Packaging Engineering

Our engineering team is comprised of all engineering disciplines, equipment engineers, manufacturing engineers, packaging engineers and process engineers. Our engineers are well-versed on the latest technology and industry trends, which enables them to optimize your manufacturing processes.

We provide engineering support for manufacturing, packaging and laboratory processes that includes design, implementation, startup, and troubleshooting for equipment and integrated lines. From initial justification and project design through validation, manufacturers need a team that can set up your line for success. We provide up-front technical support developing user requirements and specifications, performing risk assessments, performing vendor assessments, and conducting design reviews. We provide experience-based, unbiased equipment selection and implementation with only your requirements in mind.

We work closely with our automation experts to ensure your equipment is fully integrated and operating as efficiently as possible. In addition, we support our validation teams during factory acceptance testing and subsequent commissioning or verification testing. We also assist with scale up and tech transfer activities.

Project Management

Pharmaceutical projects are typically complex with sophisticated and highly automated equipment. The management of these projects must follow a detailed and disciplined approach that clearly communicates tasks, responsibilities, and milestones to achieve together.

Our Project Management Team brings together all the disciplines, knowledge, experience, and methodologies to efficiently and effectively deliver projects that ensure your success – on time and on budget. Our core solutions include project justification, RFP and RFQ management, bid evaluation, MEP coordination, estimating, scheduling, vendor and construction oversight, cost control and delivery of the complete solution.

Verista’s experienced Project Managers are technical resources who know and understand life sciences projects to get the job done right the first time.

Manufacturing is reinventing the way products are made today, and much of that is attributed to automation.

In the highly competitive global workforce, it’s essential to embrace and implement automation solutions. Automation has become a part of every step in the manufacturing process for our clients. Verista provides automated systems and services to various regulated manufacturing industries. As Verista works closely with engineering and your project team, we can assess your manufacturing needs from start to finish and design, implement and validate automated systems for maximum production and yield.

Our automation services inlcude:

Manufacturing & Packaging Automation

Our staff has deep experience with complete automation solutions on numerous platforms. Programming competencies range from simple revisions and upgrades to complete control-system design and implementation. We can support automation projects for machine vision inspection solutions, PLC and HMI design and programming, control system upgrades, robots and robotic guidance and custom equipment. Verista has extensive experience with implementation of serialization systems from multiple vendors to help you evaluate which system is best for your supply chain needs.

Safety & Remediation

Manufacturing safety is critical when optimizing your production environment and processes. Implementation of safety standards and technologies not only reduces injuries and downtime, but it also provides improvements in manufacturing productivity, efficiency, and morale of your employees. Verista provides safety assessments and remediation solutions that include equipment safeguarding, arc flash, lock out tag out, and overall safety of your personnel.

Software & Hardware Testing

Our dedicated testing and verification team verifies software and hardware device products such as glucose meters, insulin pumps, and mobile phone interface applications that require strict adherence to FDA guidelines.