Master Data Management Data Hub

Business Problem

The client recognized there were multiple sources for common data points and a lack of authoritative data sources. There were significant issues with data quality and integrity and there was no effective data quality management function. Also, a fragmented reporting environment resulted in inconsistent outputs.

Verista Solution

Verista evaluated information systems used by the different functional areas (Global Clinical Operations, Regulatory & Data Management) involved in the management of clinical data flow. We provided various improvements such as a standardized reporting and dashboarding mechanism across multiple sources with ad-hoc capability and a single source of truth for operational data, including current and historical data. Verista also standardized data definition, ontology and vocabulary, and designed aggregation and sematic layers with virtual, federated data marts for consistent reporting.


Instilled Data Governance

Structure, policies, workflows, and organizational, cultural change

Data Organization

Established standardized data hubs, data marts, and a data warehouse to support one version of the truth

Improved Reporting

Streamlined and consistent reporting for management, transparency, and regulatory stakeholders