Medical Affairs

Business Problem

The client’s objective was to gain an understanding of how to improve the commercial viability of their products via generating and analyzing Insights. Insights are generated from analyzing data from various data sources including Customer Advocacy groups, Patient feedback, Market Research, Physician Advocacy Boards, Social Listening, external/Internal Data sources. The Medical Affairs and Market Access business groups were the primary stakeholders, with Commercial Operations, Sales/Marketing, Government Affairs, Compliance, and other were other contributing business areas. 

Verista Solution

Verista leveraged our Assessment and Roadmap framework to assess the current situation and define the desired future state. We deployed deep technical and life sciences domain expertise to work with business stakeholders to effectively maps out the as-is landscape into a baseline, and define the business requirements not currently satisfied by the existing solution. We defined a Future State that was consistent with the overall business needs and achieved the organization’s vision for leveraging Insights. The recommendations provided a clear picture of process, architecture, and technology improvements to meet the needs of the business.


Ability to Share Insights Across Lines of Business

​through harvesting of Insights from Sales, Medical Affairs, HEOR, Government Affairs, and Clinical Operations​

Architecture that Enables Access Controls/Business Logic

to restrict and limit access to information as applicable and pursuant to compliance and regulatory guidance

Scalable Reporting and Analytics

through an enterprise reporting platform to access and mine data by way of self-service reports and analytics, simple drag-and-drop queries, filters, and views across multiple data sources