Organizational Change Management

Business Problem

The client was in the early stages of implementing
multiple SalesForce solutions that would introduce
significant change events for all individuals whose
jobs contain touch points to customers, including Sales,
Marketing, and Customer Support. Also there were a
large number of major technology projects in the pipeline.
The organization needed to be prepared to absorb and adopt all of this change.

Verista Solution

Verista leveraged our Organizational Change Management playbook and framework to create a pragmatic OCM business capability. We leveraged our knowledge base and industry best practices, considering the distinct culture, capability and commitment of the client. We delivered and executed a repeatable process that was institutionalized as a business capability, designed to evolve over time. The effort to create the Change Program was actively supported by executive management. This program was delivered via a collaborative execution approach, implemented in concert with the client and business customer.


A Repeatable Business Capability

With all methods, standards, tools, and templates, with embedded continuous improvement

A Fully Prepared Workforce

All impacted stakeholders were ready to adopt

Passionate Executive Sponsorship

Effectively communicating the mission critical nature of this strategic initiative