Portfolio Management / Project Management

Business Problem

After multiple attempts, the client had difficulty achieving the necessary project portfolio discipline and instilling effective governance processes. They needed senior leadership to immediately gain control of the booming project portfolio, perform the necessary resource planning, and ensure that the IT partners were prepared to support their growing resource needs.

Verista Solution

Verista has developed a strong relationship with the client’s IT leadership by providing capable resources, being easy to work with, and gaining a reputation for always operating with clarity and transparency. We have provided project management services across a variety important projects that were associated with the significant growth they were experiencing. Verista was given the opportunity to lead this effort by deploying senior resources with experience at planning, managing, and delivering large and complex project portfolios for Life Sciences organizations. 


Achieved Portfolio Predictability

For a growing portfolio of technology projects associated with product launch requirement

Partnered with a Trusted Firm

Who has a history of providing resources who integrate with the existing teams

Delivered Key Projects

Supporting Research, Clinical, Commercial, and Data and Analytics