Process Development & Improvement

Business Problem

The client had disparate technology organizations come under single leadership. There was little repeatability of process and the organizations functioned under a “personality dependent” rather than process dependent approach to serving the customer base. Many contract resources had been deployed for a lengthy time and held significant subject matter expertise and intellectual property. IT leadership desired to integrate the separate organizations, establish shared services, preserve intellectual capital, achieve process improvements, and reduce the overall contractor footprint.

Verista Solution

Verista leveraged our Assessment and Roadmap framework to assess the current situation and define the desired future state. Existing delivery artifacts were reviewed and over 80 internal resources participated in discovery. The resources included IT leadership, individual contributors, business stakeholders, and executive leadership. In additional we established an Employee Advisory Panel to support discovery and to contribute recommendations. We assessed and delivered recommendations pertaining to organizational structure, re-deployment of resources, and process improvements based on industry best practices.


Reduction in Headcount

Implementation of a shared services model for selected IT functions

Preserved Intellectual Capital

By implementation of Knowledge Management processes and tools

Improved Connection to the Business

By re-engineering delivery processes, to leverage best practices and instill repeatability