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From exploratory biology to regulatory approval, we optimize processes and technology so our clients can focus on the science and can effectively and efficiently develop new therapies.

Today’s pharmaceutical research approaches are being impacted by data volume and complexity, new database technology, and the need to distribute information across the organization. Drug target discovery and validation, screening, lead optimization, and ADME studies all have specific and rapidly evolving data needs, which differ between the small molecule and biologics realms. We provide strategy, planning, implementation, and ongoing support for the multitude of research-related applications, as well as research data management and use.

Research Informatics

Our research informatics subject matter experts will work with you to assess your needs, and recommend, source, and implement appropriate solutions. We have deep expertise in research informatics platforms for sharing, visualizing, and analyzing data and interpreted findings. Our Bioinformatics experts can guide you to solutions for managing diverse omics data, as well as enabling advanced analytics and data science solutions.

Our experts understand the unique aspects of biological and clinical data and their associated challenges.

We will help you take advantage of the best and newest tools and methods to maximize the value of your research data.

Research Tools & Applications

The research organization is heavily dependent upon software to get their job done efficiently and effectively. We possess deep domain expertise in the research environment, and have extensive experience with many platforms that can be leveraged to increase productivity and decrease costs.

Learn how to reduce the total cost of ownership, decrease risks, and optimize the value of the R&D application portfolio.

We have expertise in the selection, deployment, and optimization of research systems such as LIMS and ELN whether on premise or in the cloud.

We understand the needs of scientists, and give them the best tools that allow their focus to be on the science.

Research Data Management

To protect and defend scientific inventions and intellectual property, while providing traceability to pre-clinical studies, companies need a robust scientific data management strategy. Our team of experts can engage your team to identify and define stakeholder requirements, a technology roadmap, data architecture, and define process controls to achieve organizational goals.

Read about how scientists share data and collaborate.

We guide you through the evaluation and selection of technology solutions that meet your specific business needs, ensuring fit within your technology architecture and standards, and that will scale as your business grows.

We ensure control of the critical pipeline assets that are essential to advancing your programs and bringing drug candidates into the clinic.

Precision Medicine Strategy & Enablement

We help companies break out of the “one-size-fits-all” era of drug discovery. We understand how to implement solutions that enable the identification of the right treatment, to the right patient at the right time, in the right dose. Too many drug candidates have failed in the clinic because of a lack of identification of the appropriate patient subsets.

The time is now for companies to take advantage of the availability of new technologies such as genomic sequencing, modern data analysis and integration methods, and effective use of biomarker strategies.

The availability of enormous datasets such as large-scale omics projects, Real World Evidence sources, and large public databases provide unprecedented opportunities for personalized medicine, and provide new challenges for their effective use.