Verista GENQ Complete Manufacturing Inspection System

Identify and reject nonconforming products before they go out of specification.

In today’s competitive world, inspection tools need to do more…they must identify and reject nonconforming products and monitor your processes to ensure each and every product is to specification. Addressing issues long before the risk of a product hold or recall means this must happen prior to products and components leaving the production line.

Verista GENQ systems include the latest camera and automation technology. GENQ systems can be configured and installed into nearly any manufacturing and packaging application to help solve the following manufacturing challenges:

Label, print and product ID inspection and quality

Process and product  specification verification and quality

Component and assembly verification and quality

Full product packaging and quality verification and quality

Minimize recalls

Configurable security levels

Unlimited flexibility

Reduce labor-intensive manual inspections

Most user-friendly interface on the market

Increase profits and ensure brand integrity