Verista LABELQ For Print And Reconciliation

Simplify label print, inspection and accountability by integrating three critical operations into one system.

The LABELQ is a desktop industrial print and inspection verification system designed for small and medium batch print jobs. LABELQ is designed specifically to meet the print requirements of medical device, pharmaceutical, and contract manufacturers. LABELQ reduces the risk of recall, product mix-up, and poor label quality by inspecting 100% of all labels automatically and providing real time feedback on every label. By eliminating manual inspection, LABELQ automatically records and audits logs to ensure regulatory compliance while simultaneously lowering production costs.

System Benefits:

Lower risk of recall with label mix-up prevention.

Faster changeovers with 2-touch process.

Add new products faster with train-and-go product setup.

Less rework and scrap by quickly identifying issues with the label application or label stock.

Ensure 100% inspection so every product is a good product to the end customer.