Verista Announces New Partnership with Sware to Transform Digital Validation in the Life Sciences Industry

Verista, a leading business and technology services company offering specialized solutions for the life sciences industry, is delighted to announce a new partnership with Sware. This collaboration underscores Verista’s commitment to its clients to provide advanced and innovative digital validation solutions, helping them realize Pharma 4.0.

By incorporating Sware’s Res_Q platform, clients can enhance, streamline, and optimize the flow of content and data, effectively addressing the challenges posed by static documents and disjointed workflows in the validation discipline. Together, Verista services and Res_Q provide a powerful combination, offering customers a comprehensive and efficient risk-based approach to validation processes in the life sciences industry.

“In this partnership, Verista will drive the efficient execution of digital transformations with Res_Q enabling clients to modernize their processes and leverage the latest regulated technologies in compliant ways,” says Manny Soman, CEO of Verista. “We are delighted that Verista and Sware share the same goal to reduce and manage validation efforts while helping clients unleash the full potential of digital transformation to bring their products to market more quickly and safely.”

“Digitizing the validation process is crucial for compliance-focused life sciences companies to be able to meet stringent global regulatory requirements, but digitizing processes means much more than putting paper processes on glass,” says Bryan Ennis, Co-Founder and CEO of Sware. “Our partnership with Verista couples our deep digital technology expertise with robust industry experience to deliver the most comprehensive, intelligent and digital validation solutions on the market today.”


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