Data Analytics & Strategy

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Data is only an asset if an organization can interpret it to gain insights. Analytics are vital for companies to make decisions across all areas of the business and operations.

Effective and timely use of data is increasingly critical in life sciences. By partnering with organizations to develop and implement a clear data strategy, Verista can help save you time, resources and expedite success. We possess broad and deep experience delivering data solutions, from strategy to operational roll out using a foundation in data management built from decades of experience.

Data Analytics & Strategy

We help organizations define an overall strategy for Information Management and Analytics across the enterprise. This includes helping companies to define the roadmap for their information management and analytics capabilities, with short-to-long term data transformation in mind. ​

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We work with you to create a right-sized data strategy that is value based, flexible, and ensures compliance to the laws and regulations throughout the product lifecycle.

This service also includes the identification and selection of cloud vendors and systems that align with your overall enterprise reference architecture.

Through these strategic services, we work to develop trusted advisor status with the CIOs and Heads of Data Management and Analytics at you.


We guide you to gain an understanding of your data assets and how the data will be accessed and used. We help you to consider the multiple facets of Data Governance and Data Management. We ensure Compliance with regulations for HIPAA, GxP, 21 CFR Part 11, and SOX.

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We consider the global and local security and privacy concerns around patient and personal information, as required by HIPAA, GDPR, and APPI.

We assist you to create and implement Governance approaches that ensure data quality, contextual and appropriate access to data based on security levels, organizational roles, and business priority.


With extensive experience in data quality and standards that are required for organizations in and outside of Life Sciences, we provide services for data stewardship for businesses. We help you define your data stewardship processes, consider which enterprise master data requirements and approaches work specifically for you.
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We ensure adherence to the client’s internal controls for governance and compliance.

We provide Stewardship services for production support of our client’s Enterprise data through our Managed Services Provider (MSP) model.


Data is an asset but only if an organization can interpret it to gain insights. Analytics are vital for companies to make decisions across all areas of the business and operations. We help you prepare, visualize, and understand your data through Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting, and Advanced Analytics to support Commercial Development, Clinical Trials and R&D.

We help you convey your analysis through industry- standard enterprise visualization tools.

With our experience in big data analysis, we can help you optimize the computational and visualization layers of your analytics platform to maximize performance.

Data Management Solutions

We focus on building Data Management solutions and have experience developing modern data capabilities. We perform extract, transform, load (ETL) based on your specific business rules, and we exercise industry “better” practices for metadata and cataloging.

Read how to improve speed and accuracy to curate and blend new data and applications.

We ensure data quality, and we can provide a higher level of confirmation through our rigorous Data Validation services.

We understand the down-stream consumption of data, and we can stage raw and curated data for advanced analytics, visualization, and reporting.